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Inspiration from the XVIII century

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Exquisite interior rooms inspired by the beauty of French luxury palaces and logglas of the aristocrats from the eighteenth century. Ana Ros, a recognized interior designer specialized in the restoration and decoration of neoclassic French chateaux, is a tribute to the most elegant past combined with the most chic trends. The design emphasizes the natural qualities of each home, finding the perfect balance between two seemingly opposite worlds: the classic and the contemporary.

She gets to emphasize the brightness of the rooms, the elaborated moldings, the amplitude of the high cellings and ornaments and furniture from the time of Louls XVI, looking for an original mix with design lamps or current pictures. The result Invites you to enjoy the cozy stay. Ana's projects reflect her passion for art, a vocation that comes from her childhood and has been in the genes. Ana Ros comes from a serles of antique dealers, so she grew up surrounded by history and art.

Hence, in addition to lead her own interior design studio, she decided to open her own antique shop when she was 20. In addition to this taste for beauty, Ana's life is marked by her traveler character, a tireless curiosity reflected in her works, among which we find Moroccan-style homes in the Ibiza Island. Each of her projects begins with a process, almost psychological, in which she studies and customizes each work

She usually adds natural stones to furniture designs, in order to make the energy and synergles flow among people who live In that space. In all her works, Ana Ros uses natural materials, respecting different characteristics, using or remodeling old elements like parquet, floor boards, cornices or modulations. "I attach a particular importance to the pleces and content, movement, vacuum and use of light', says the designer.

Her impeccable taste and elegant projects have led her to earn a recognized space in the interior design. She has received several awards, including the appearance in the book of Andrew Martin in 2008, a publication that compiles the work of the most prestiglous decorators of the world.

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